wasuremono no mori.

//the garden of everything.

Nagisa Kaworu
12 August 1988
External Services:
Townsville Primary School - Singapore Singapore SG (1995 - 1997)
Catholic High School - Singapore Singapore SG (1998 - 2000)
Hwa Chong Institution - Singapore Singapore SG (2001 - 2004)
Raffles Junior College - Singapore Singapore SG (2005 - 2006)
大阪外国語大学 - 箕面市 大阪府 JP (2009 - 2010)
東京大学 - 駒場キャンパス - 目黒区 東京都 JP (2010 present)
Interests: (73)
(pseudo-)activism, ..., a comfortable mutual silence, abe fuyumi, acoustic sounds in music, akeboshi, akiko, alcohol, ameagari no aosa, ando yuko, arai akino, bonnie pink, bread (especially ja-pan), cats (the domestic kind), celtic music, citrus fruits, cocco, dorlis, exercising creativity, fading into backgrounds unnoticed, fayray, feeling glad (generally speaking), hakanasa, hatakeyama miyuki, having deep thought-provoking discussions, hikigatari (piano/guitar), hitoto you, hugging and being hugged, inadequacy, intellectual-ness, jazz, just sitting and thinking, komorebi afternoons, michael cunningham, mr. children, murakami haruki, nakamura ataru, natsume souseki, oborozukiyo, onitsuka chihiro, pointless ranting, pondering, pseudo-philosophical thinking, rain-watching behind the windows, reading (lots of it), sardonic humour, sasagawa miwa, shibata jun, shiina ringo, shin seiki evangelion, singer-songwriter-ing, singing (rather badly though), sleeping, solitude, songwriting (someday), stargazing, sumiwataru aozora, superfly, tea (of all kinds), the brilliant green, the simpsons, theatre (the amateur kind), toki asako, tokyo jihen, utada hikaru, walking in the rain, warmth, windy and sunny days, wooden warmth of pianos, writing (or trying to), yoru no machi, yuutsu, yuuyake-zora
A fondness for cats (the domesticated kind, mind you), a liking for tea, a tendency for drinking (perhaps too much) and a penchant for disappointing others. That's pretty much all you need to - or should - know.
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